Industry experts teach you to create a perfect bathroom space
2012-05-10 09:05:14

1 toilet

First choice should determine Toilet Bathroom drainage patterns: the next row or the back row. If that is the outfall discharge must measure the distance to the wall, click here to buy the size of pigeon, or even the best of the toilet is not the best use; followed by drainage, toilet performance in the rinse water, mute. It is now on the "rinse" the word recognize there are misunderstanding that sewage discharge toilet can, in fact, rinse contains two meanings: First, out of the toilet. The second is to out of sewage pipes, a combination of both in order to thoroughly rinse. Saving mute the trend is hot, so these products greatly favored customers.

Installation, ideal for mounting height of 360 - 410 mm toilet. Bathroom drains have S bend, we should try to use Washdown toilet, use Siphon Toilet, install the vent should be left, so that it remains the same pressure to achieve the siphon effect. Toilet should be installed near the wall hand tray. Families of the elderly between the bathroom near the toilet should be installed a stainless steel handrail help to facilitate stand up. Bathroom Pissing installation, can be used with a trap Pissing riding style, it slip deodorant. Select Normal toilet for ease of installation and surface decoration, can be used before and after the 45-degree corners are chamfered toilet, so after installation, the ground engaging portion and the toilet does not have a big gap.

2, the choice of basin

Currently on the market there are vanities and pedestal basin are two, there is no difference in functionality between the two, but there are differences in form, suitable for inter-basin bay big bathroom, looked solemn atmosphere; pedestal suitable for layout among compact bathroom, it looks chic.

Basin installation, ideal for mounting height of 800-840 mm. Desktop basin should be compatible with the platen, the platen due mostly natural stone, fragile, should generally be at the front of the platen mounted a stand by force skirts, front mounted mirror. Column basin due to lack of platform, generally positive in the basin wall mounting plate make, easy to place cleaning treatment, cosmetic products, should also be above the mirror. Hanging basin suitable decoration of small guard between Angle hanging pots can be used just in the corner of the bathroom.

3. Select the bathtub

Choose acrylic bathtub tends cylinder because light quality acrylic profiles, low thermal conductivity, easy to clean, feel good, design is more ergonomic shape, but the price is higher than steel cylinders.

Install bathtub: The ideal mounting height is 380-430 mm. Easy to install and to increase the decorative, the choice of a bathtub with skirt. Selection of bath length is generally about 1500 mm is appropriate. A formula into the outer tub should Bathroom with shower curtain, bath convenient place against the wall soap box should be installed in the direction of the backrest over the bath towel rack should be installed.

4, other options

Ware and supporting hardware choices will have to "re-appearance of light goods", are good faucet with ceramic valve core, and the shell closely seamless, durable, with such leading choice but to feel, to feel jerky cautious buy, buy, remember to obtain a certificate of inspection and quality alone.

Installation of other equipment: between a standard bathroom ventilation fans should be installed, towel bar, non-slip surface to be decorated. Bathroom generally only a primary light source, mounted above the mirror. Infrared dryer can be installed at the place to go. Bathroom dark piping should be installed in order to maintain a clean space.

In general, do the above points, the choice between the sanitary ware basically qualified, and then note the harmony ware and wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom between this will make you more comfortable.

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